You will need:
Pattern: download from the link below
Felt (if you don't have any felt, this will work just as well with card - either coloured or coloured in with crayons or felt tip pen)


  1. Download and print out the pattern.
  2. Cut out the whole lion shape, then place it on the felt and draw around the edge with the pen. Cut out the shape.
  3. Cut out all the separate parts of the paper pattern. Place the individual parts on the chosen coloured felt. Draw around the edges with the pen, then cut out.
  4. Once all the pieces are cut out, you can start to assemble the mask. Start with the whole lion's head, then gradually glue the other cut-out parts onto the lion's head. (You can of course sew the pieces together rather than using glue if preferred.)
  5. Next, to create a fastener for the mask, cut two thin strips of felt that will be long enough to fit around your little one's head. Glue one end to the mask and on the other end, glue on a piece of Velcro. Alternatively, a use a piece of elastic, or ribbon.

PS: If the pattern is not the right size, then you can set a user-defined scale in the printer settings and print image for example 80% smaller.