[caption id="attachment_1224" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Animal shaped pasta for babies and kids"]Animal shape pasta for babies and kids[/caption] I am really pleased to announce the arrival on the Ulula website of our organic pasta for babies and children. If you've not seen them already, take a look and see why I'm so excited. Pasta is always a children's favourite and these three fun pasta shapes are ideal for slightly older babies and children of all ages. Pasta is highly nutritious and a great energy source for your growing baby or child. From 8 to 10 months your baby usually needs more lumpy food and this lovely shaped organic pasta will help to encourage chewing and introduce variety.

In Search of the Best Pasta for Babies and Children

I spent a long time searching for a pasta that I would be happy to sell to discerning mums and dads. I wanted a pasta small enough for young babies' mouths; that kids would enjoy eating because they easily recognise the varied shapes; and that is made from the highest quality ingredients by a company that really cares about both food and the environment. These new pastas come from Alb Gold, a traditional family-owned company with a proven organic background and who take great care in not only choosing their raw ingredients but also how each pasta is made. As usual with the food I stock on Ulula, you are guaranteed that you will only be feeding your baby food that has not been grown with the use of artificial pesticides or fertilisers and which has no artificial preservatives, colourings or any other chemical nasty. I only stock those foods that I am happy to feed to my own family.

Tested by Babies - Approved by Mums

And so, how do these pastas for babies measure up? As usual, we asked family and friends to taste test these pasta shapes with their babies and children. Without exception the feedback was great - a particular favourite with the youngest children were the farm animal pasta shapes, while older children loved the roaring safari animal pasta shapes and the dinosaur pasta shapes. A definite winner with babies, children and mums and dads alike. Mums and dads told us how their little ones 'loved the animal shapes', 'had fun making all sorts of animal noises' and several commented how 'having such fun at meal times encouraged him to eat everything in his bowl.' These delightful pasta animals are specially developed for babies and children and, as such, are small enough for your baby's mouth - so no choking on adult sized pasta. And every animal piece keeps its shape even after cooking - which makes it great fun to eat as your baby spots the animals he or she knows.

Pasta for Babies and Children - Now Available

Each of the pastas for babies and children is available as single packets as well as in multi-packs of three. There is even a multi-pack with one packet of each pasta shape, which is aleady proving very popular. And, with 10 portions per pack they really are excellent value! So, take a look at the new organic pasta for babies and children range and tell us what you think.