A very popular product on the Ulula website is our glass grater for helping busy mums to prepare homemade baby food recipes when weaning their baby. Watch our short video to see just how simple and easy it is to use - it's pretty amazing. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdLX9LYIZqI?modestbranding=1;showinfo=0;rel=0;fs=1&w=550&h=310] Glass graters have been used for generations by mums to prepare pureed fruit and vegetables when first weaning their babies. Using a glass grater gives you exactly the right consistency of fruit or vegetables you need when preparing your home made baby food. Experience shows us that no other grater can achieve this consistency with so little mess or waste. We're proud to be the exclusive UK suppliers of the glass grater. We are pleased also with our little video clip (it's regularly downloaded by hundreds of site visitors) showing how to use the grater.
Dear Sabine
I just wanted to thank you for suggesting the glass grater...I was slicing my fingers on the metal grater before and willing to try anything! I have to say when it arrived I looked at it and thought it could not possibly work. However, I was amazed at how easy it is to use (and clean!) and what smooth, fresh, puree it makes!
So many thanks!
Kind regards
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