Week beginning 6th May 2019

A calf managed to stray through a gap in the fence this week, and then not remember how to get back€¦ the moos to it's mother resulted in the mother cow jumping over the€¦ not quite the moon, but indeed the gate! A herd really only stay within the boundaries of a field because they choose to, and if they did feel the need to break out, they are more than capable even our short legged Herefords. Thankfully they don't feel the need to break out too frequently!!

The weather hasn't been altogether kind for the long bank holiday weekend a cold wind meant the children based themselves in the little orchard trees, climbing and leaping down, rather than the sandpit - and lambing is all but completed. With only a handful of ewe's still left in the barn, the rest are now in the field perhaps wishing they were back in the barn during these cold nights of late! The back to school has been successfully accomplished, and with only two weeks until half term (thanks to the late easter we suppose), we think we can make it ;)