Week beginning 18th February 2019

Hoorayswallows-amazons-book-cover!!! We've reached half term, for which we are all very grateful the children are tired out but very cheerful; there was a play to perform twice to an audience before the holidays started, and then an older class were putting on a play of Swallows and Amazons top stuff and well worth a late bedtime!! And now, the sun is shining, the dogs are so happy to have their playmates with them all day long, and to top it all, the snowdrops and cyclamen are making the garden look so pretty too all in all, this week looks like it will be the perfect setting for one or two Winnie The Pooh's Expotitions€¦ €œsing ho for the life of a bear€, or in our case, sing ho for some very happy children. At this time of year our ewes have their ultrasound scan. This happens at around 3 months into their pregnancy which lasts 5 months in total. Scanning was scheduled for 8am on Sunday morning, with our lovely scanning lady Stacey, who set up her machine at the barn. Stacey's sister Sophie is also trained in scanning sheep. She lives in New Zealand and scans around 250,000 sheep a year! It took Stacey just 45 minutes to scan all our 130 Ulula ewes. The good news is that we are expecting 1 set of quads, 18 sets of triples, 84 sets of twins and 23 singles with a due date starting around the 10th of April! february.17.02.19 Harbingers Of Spring - Poem by F. Kenrick €˜Springs just around the corner The harbingers we see The bulbs are pushing through the earth And bulbs adorn the trees Now days are getting longer Nights not quite so dark The sun rays getting stronger And fields don't look so stark The hedgerow starts to thicken As plants begin to grow This forms a perfect hiding place For the birds to go They nest and fledge their young there And fill the air with song They know they've got to hurry Spring doesn't last for long'