HEVEA produce the only 100% natural rubber, coloured soothers / pacifiers in the world! They offer 3 different teat shapes to suit every baby: orthodontic, round and symmetrical - but what is the difference between the 3 shapes? We thought that HEVEA were the ones to help us understand which teat shape is the one to choose and when!

Q - "I am concerned for the pacifiers impact on my baby´s growing teeth"

A - We recommend the orthodontic teat as this is the one dentists say puts the least pressure on the baby´s gums and teeth.

Q - "Which one should I choose when my baby is being breastfed?"

A - We recommend either the symmetrical or the round teat as these are the ones similar to the shape of the female breastfeeding nipple.

Q - "Which one will work best if my baby is bottle-fed?"

A - It is likely your baby will prefer the round or symmetric. Most baby bottles have rounded teat´s and will therefore be familiar to your baby.

Q - "Which size should I choose for my baby?"

A - HEVEA pacifiers come in two sizes: 0-3 months and 3-36 months. Choose the one that fits your baby´s age.

Q - "What can I do if my baby won´t accept any pacifier?"

A - If you have tried the various shapes over time, maybe you just have a baby who doesn´t want to use a pacifier.

Below is HEVEA's mini guide:


HEVEA believe the most important advice is to choose a pacifier made from a natural and biodegradable material. A material that is both safe for baby to use (completely non-toxic) but also safe for the planet once it is no longer in use and needs to be disposed of. That is why natural rubber is the perfect choice for pacifiers. Natural rubber is completely non-toxic and biodegradable.


HEVEA have launched a Mixed Teat Pack that includes an orthodontic, round and a symmetrical teat in 0 - 3 month sizes available in four different colour-ways: