ErdmannHAUSER is a mill and bakery in Southern Germany that processes biodynamically grown grain including spelt, barley, buckwheat, oat, one-grained-wheat and wheat. The long standing relationships with the farmers who grow the grain is very important to them and is based upon regular supplies, steady prices and good communication. ErdmannHAUSER is famous for its salty snacks (breadsticks and pretzels), fine biscuits and rusks (crisp bread). After milling the grain in their own mill, the products are manufactured in a traditional way using simple recipes. The valuable ingredients and the gentle handling by their bakers result in a lovely taste.

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ErdmannHauser Organic Bulgur from Barley
ErdmannHauser Organic Bulgur from Buckwheat
ErdmannHauser Organic Bulgur from Spelt

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