Maistic Plastic Free All Purpose Cellulose Sponge

Maistic Plastic Free All Purpose Cellulose Sponge

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Code:  MNF572
Brand:  Maistic
Attributes:  Vegetarian

The Maistic All Purpose Sponge is thin and flexible (once softened in water) and perfectly sized for the hand. Ideal for your general household cleaning, it is particularly suitable for cleaning windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces as it does not leave behind smears or lint. If you use sponges for bathing, the sponge works wonderfully as it is soft and holds bubbles well, or alternatively, it can be cut up and used as a make-up sponge!

Wash in top drawer of the dishwasher and dry standing. The sponge can then be used again. Alternatively the sponge can be rinsed with boiling water. Do not tumble dry Maistic sponges.
Measurements 16 x 11 cm.

Sponge is made of natural cellulose from wood fibres – nothing else.

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