Organic Leaf Beet Seeds - 5 Colours

Organic Leaf Beet Seeds - 5 Colours

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Code:  SC20842
Brand:  Seed Co-operative
Size:  200 seeds
Certified:  Organic

A beautiful mix of red, pink, white, yellow, purple and orange stems make this the most colourful of all the leaf beets. Very easy to grow, you can pick the generous crop of leaves young and eat raw as multicoloured baby salad leaves, or cook the larger leaves like spinach. The stems can be cooked separately for 2-3 minutes longer. These highly nutritious plants are known to provide essential vitamins A, C and K and many other trace elements. A cut and come again crop, pick a few leaves as needed but leave the crown or centre of the plant intact and the plant will keep growing.

Sowing: In spring, make a shallow drill 2cm deep and sow the large, easy-to-handle seeds about 20cm apart. Cover again lightly with soil and water in. Seeds can produce multiple seedlings, so thin to leave one plant to mature at each spot. Leaf beet can also be grown in containers (a minimum 25cm deep): sow direct into the compost allowing about four seeds to a 45cm pot. Two sowings are possible - one in spring for summer / autumn harvesting and a second in summer to provide leaves the following spring when growth resumes, but protect from frost.
Growing instructions: Leaf beet is an easy to grow leaf crop, it will grow well even in poor soils, but likes a sunny position. It can be cut several times and will tolerate some frost. 

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