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When it comes to feeding your little one, quality is important. For more than 85 years, Holle have been manufacturing baby food that meets the highest standards in terms of organic quality. 

Holle produce a range of allergy-aware, gluten-free and dairy-free porridges, meals, pouches and snacks for babies and toddlers - so you can do your part in keeping allergens out of their early diet. 

During your child's first few months, their three ranges of organic infant follow-on formula milks are perfect, with options in the Biodynamic cow’s milk range, an Organic A2 cow’s milk infant follow-on formula range that's sourced from specially selected cows which produce only A2 beta-casein protein and the Organic goat milk formula range.

The best part? The Holle Infant Formula Milk ranges are all certified CO2 positive. Also, their porridges, junior mueslis and pouches are certified CO2 neutral - helping you do your part.

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