[caption id="attachment_40" align="alignright" width="101" caption="Ulula is committed to recycling"]Ulula is committed to recycling[/caption] This morning I sent out an order for two multi-packs of Holle's Organic Three Grain Baby Porridge - nothing unusual in that. It wasn't until I came to stick the Parcelforce delivery label on the box that it struck me how odd to be sending out some of the best and purest organic baby food that money can buy in a Spicy BBQ Hula Hoops crisp box! When I first set up Ulula I bought in packaging materials and sent out every order in pristine, new boxes. It wasn't long before I realised I was doing something very wasteful, and actually very against my principles - I can't stand waste. So, I talked to a number of local independent shopkeepers - my greengrocers, the healthfood shop in the next village, the garden centre and so on - and enlisted their support in supplying me with their unwanted boxes and packaging materials from their own deliveries. They were grateful to get rid of the packaging, and I am very pleased to be able to reuse and recycle most of the packaging I now use. The only slight downside I can see to all this recycling is that it runs the risk of spoiling your street cred - imagine being known in the neighbourhood for eating wholesome, natural and organic food and being seen to have a delivery in a Spicy BBQ Hula Hoops crisp box! Seriously, thanks for your understanding and support in helping me run Ulula in an increasingly environmentally friendly way. What about you, do you go on to recycle the packaging in which your baby food is sent? How could I be even more environmentally friendly when sending out your baby food? Let me know.