We received the following email about soya in baby milks earlier this week, in which Olga expresses concerns felt by so many parents that get in touch with us.
Just a word of thanks, for my order, i recieved everything on Tuesday (so quick!) Its impossible almost, to find baby formula without soya in it, they all contain this toxic bean. After stopping breastfeeding because of medicine, i started using formula milk, but after researching about formulas I realised fast how bad they were, and how disruptive to the hormone system and thyroid, soya is, It really depressed me to think for 3 months i fed my baby that poison, (and it smelt so bad too) , it was with a heavy heart that i fed my baby with it until i found your company supplying organic and more importantly soya free milk, i bought one box first, to see if he was ok with it, as i know some babies can be allergic to dairy, i was relieved when after drinking his first bottle all was well and he was fine. while i wish he was only breastfed, at least I have peace of mind now that hes not consuming soya , and im delighted the ingredients are organic. so thankyou once again for this service, much appreciated.
It seems so many cows milk based baby milks and formulas contain soya nowadays. Even a cursory glance at the available literature reveals an intense debate on the possible short and long term disadvantages for a growing baby of including soya in its earliest diet. It seems to me that, while there are such doubts, the best approach to take is the most natural. Where a mother, for whatever reason, is not able to breastfeed, why then not ensure the baby milk given as a substitute is organic and produced from milk from animals that are reared without nasty chemicals and in surroundings that resemble their natural environments as closely as possible? Subsequently, why not then produce the baby formula without including a cocktail of unnecessary and potentially harmful additives? It may not result in the cheapest of baby milks, but you can be sure that you are feeding your precious baby a milk on which he or she can thrive. I I am proud to sell the Holle baby milk range, one of the few organic baby formula ranges on the market that is entirely soya-free (as well as being free from many other nasties). What are your thoughts on soya in baby milks and formulas? What has been your experience? If your baby changed from a soya containing milk to a soya free infant formula, how did your baby react? Let us know.