[caption id="attachment_16" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Milk from goats can be used as an alternative to cows milk, but from what age?"]Milk from goats can be used as an alternative to cows milk, but from what age?[/caption] Sometimes babies need a formula that is derived from an alternative to cows milk. When I first started Ulula just over four years ago, the Holle organic goats milk formula could be sold from 6 months onwards. But there was a big issue with the Food Standard Agency (FSA) in the UK. The FSA said that there hadn't been enough studies showing that goat's milk is an alternative to cow's milk in terms of the similarity of proteins within the milks. I personally ask myself, why has goats milk been used for centuries as an alternative to cow's milk if it wasn't one? Why has nature to be questioned all the time? Why have we lost our intuition to judge and make decisions without reading all sorts of opinions, books, magazines, which are often badly researched and which confuse us. As a mum you are the best person to judge your baby, you know your baby intimately, you watch him all the time. You know when he reacts and how. Some knowledge about nutrition is fine and very helpful. But if you think about it, it is also common sense, which you have as a mum because you are aware of your baby all the time. The recipe used in the Holle organic goats nutrition (from 12 months) is exactly the same as that sold in Germany from 4 months onwards and in Australia from 6 months onwards. I have a mum buying it for her 4 months old baby because she used it in Australia, is the owner of a business dealing with alternative medicines and, as she said, she knows what she is doing because she 'listens' to her baby. You can find more information about the FSA decision on their website, but it left me with more questions to be honest. Does your baby drink goat's milk formula as an alternaive to cows milk? If so, how did you come to the decision to give your baby goats milk? Let us know what you think.