What does the eco-friendly Father Christmas pop into Christmas stockings? There’s a great choice of sustainable little gifts out there, from wooden toys for kids to lovely pampering products for the grown-ups. With a bit of thought, it’s possible to put together a 100% earth-friendly Christmas stocking.

Here at Ulula, we have a selection of fabulous eco-friendly stocking fillers. We’ll take a look at some of these, along with other tips and suggestions, in our guide to sustainable stocking fillers (they won’t break the bank, either).

Best Kids’ Stocking Fillers

There are plenty of eco-friendly stocking fillers for kids, and here at Ulula, you can even buy the Christmas stockings to put them in!

Look out for pocket-sized wooden puzzles for older kids: traditional wooden toys like mini spinning tops and stacking bricks make super-cute stocking fillers. Anything arty is always welcome, like pencils, paints and small drawing books. Don’t forget to add some yummy organic chocolate, and top off the whole stocking with an eco-friendly cuddly toy, just peeking out.

Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

While we all know that babies won't really understand what’s going on at Christmas, we still want to involve them in the day. Make your little one an adorable first Christmas stocking, involving lots of colours and textures that they’ll enjoy exploring.

Baby-friendly soft toys are a lovely idea for their first Christmas stocking: take a look at the gorgeous ones from Wooly Organic and Under The Nile. Bath toys are another fun present for babies, and you can add some lovely natural baby skincare products, too. Again, wooden toys are a great green option for older babies, like this fab chunky car from Bajo.

Christmas Stocking Fillers For Grown-ups

You’re never too old for a Christmas stocking, so don’t neglect the older members of the family! There are lots of luxury-feeling stocking fillers for grown-ups, from natural and organic bath products to beeswax candles. Snuggly socks always go down well as a winter gift, or pop in a pair of woolly mittens (if they’re home-knitted, even better!).

It’s amazing how much Father Christmas knows about the adults in the family, so the gardeners get gloves and seeds for next spring, while the cooks find festive cookie cutters in their stockings. Beautifully printed notebooks are a lovely addition, or there might even be room to fit a paperback novel. Explore our home and garden collection for further inspiration.

If you’ve set a small budget for grown-up Christmas stockings, think about home-made festive gifts, like soap, dried flowers and spicy biscuits. However, if time is a bit tight in the run-up to Christmas, delicious organic food and snacks can easily fill up a stocking without blowing the budget.

Foodie Treats For Christmas Stockings

Food plays a massive part in most festive celebrations, so a food-themed Christmas stocking is always appreciated. Our range of Christmas food has lots of yummy organic chocolate in a choice of festive shapes (and yes, even the grown-ups won’t be able to resist a chocolate Santa). Look out for dairy-free options so that nobody has to miss out.

“Posh” biscuits make a lovely festive treat, while those with more savoury tastes might prefer jars of olives or packs of crisps and nuts. Tasty snacks like organic breadsticks are perfect for younger kids’ stockings.

If you have the time (and we mean “if”, because being Santa’s Little Helper is very time-consuming!), bake a batch of mince pies, brownies or gingerbread, which make very welcome additions to Christmas stockings. Remember to leave something delicious out for Father Christmas, with a bag of carrot Happy Sticks for Rudolph.

Sustainable Stocking Fillers For Pets

Last but not least, the family pet or pets must have their own Christmas stocking. Browse our pet collection for ideas, but we’d suggest a mix of eco-friendly toys and some organic snacks, and if you’re filling a feline stocking, some natural catnip. Hevea has a range of appealing dog toys made from materials like non-toxic natural rubber.

Find Your Eco-Friendly Stocking Fillers At Ulula

We hope this has given you (or Father Christmas, we should say) plenty of inspiration for eco-friendly stocking fillers. Christmas doesn’t have to be about throwaway plastic gifts, and with a bit of thought, your Christmas stockings can be made up from 100% sustainable gifts. You can even bake or craft some stocking fillers yourself.

As always, we love hearing your ideas! Please let us know what your favourite earth-friendly stocking fillers are.