We all love a beautifully wrapped Christmas present, but isn’t all that discarded paper and tape a bit of a waste? Here at Ulula, we’re trying to make Christmas as sustainable as possible, right down to how we wrap our presents.

There are lots of lovely ways to wrap presents in an eco-friendly way. We’ve gathered together a few suggestions for sustainable gift wrap: just what you need for your green Christmas!

Choose recycled and recyclable gift wrap

Happily, it’s now a lot easier to buy wrapping paper that’s made from recycled paper. Even better, a lot of paper can also be recycled itself. Avoid plastic-coated, foil or glittery paper, as these can’t go into the recycling bin. However, if you end up with lots of unrecyclable wrapping paper this Christmas, hang onto it for next year.

Reuse old wrapping paper and gift bags

There’s always one family member who seems happy to gather up the wrapping paper! Give them the task of separating out larger sheets and keeping them smooth. After Christmas, fold these neatly and store them flat in a dry place (they won’t take up much room). They’ll be perfect for wrapping next year’s parcels.

Raid the recycling box

Yes, really! Old magazines, newspapers and brown paper can make great vintage-inspired wrapping paper (just make sure it’s clean and dry…). Wrap the presents in your repurposed paper, then give the parcels a glow up with ribbons, twine and sprigs of holly or other festive foliage. If you have brown paper, give the kids a crafty activity involving stamps and paint. Voila: your own printed Christmas wrap.

Old maps and sheet music look fabulous. If you’re lucky enough to have any of this knocking about your home, pounce on it now. A sheet music parcel tied with red ribbon is absolutely beautiful.

Make the wrapping part of the present

Wrapping paper isn’t the best use of your Christmas budget. For just a bit more cost, you can invest in wrapping that becomes part of the present itself. Instead of buying a paper gift bag, pop the present in a hessian or fabric bag that the recipient will love. If you’re giving someone natural beauty products for Christmas, “wrap” them in something like these cute fabric pouches from Mela.

Sometimes brands do the work for you, like this beautifully packaged natural bath set from Dr Hauschka. Why would that pretty box need additional wrapping?

Use sustainable fabric wrapping

As an alternative to conventional paper wrapping, try switching to fabric wrapping paper. This can be reused year after year, making it a great sustainable choice. The dilemma is, do you ask for it back or ask the recipient to reuse it themselves?

If the present is for the kitchen, wrap it in an organic cotton tea towel - pretty and practical. Take a look at our kitchen collection for inspiration.

Other tips for eco-friendly gift wrapping

  • Use as little tape as possible, because it needs removing before you can recycle the paper. Instead, use ribbon or twine.
  • Evergreen leaves make lovely natural embellishments for your parcels.
  • Tie on a couple of organic sweets or candy canes for an extra pretty touch.
  • For gift tags, get in the habit of saving a few Christmas cards each year. Cut out sections of the pictures to make next year’s tags. Make a hole with a hole punch and thread them with string or twine.
  • Any scraps of old fabric that can’t be used for clothing? Make your own fabric wrapping paper, or cut it into ribbons to decorate the presents.
  • Don’t wrap at all! This doesn’t work as well for surprises or kids’ presents; however, instead of completely wrapping gifts, you could try simply decorating them with sprigs or foliage and re-used ribbon.

Give Green Gifts From Ulula

Of course, the gift inside the sustainable wrapping needs to be eco-friendly, too! Here at Ulula, we have a great selection of green gifts for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, as well as adorable presents for new babies. Choose from natural beauty products, artisan-made gifts and yummy organic treats.