Children love Easter! MOGLi's craft project provides a fun way to celebrate Easter and keep kids engaged with a window art template featuring spring flowers, green branches, and a playful Easter hare.

Here are the instructions for tracing MOGLi's Easter window image:

      1. Download and print the window picture template. You can choose between a DIN A4 and DIN A2 version. For the DIN A2 version you have to print out 4 DIN A4 sheets and stick them together using the markings.

      2. Now stick the template to a clean window from the outside using adhesive tape. If your children are joining in, don't hang the template too high.

      3. Now you can trace the lines with bright colours. This can be done with window pens, chalk markers or any other paint that is suitable for window painting. They can be purchased from any craft store.

      4. Remove the template and admire the window picture :).

      Painting windows? Kids love that! Even if it sometimes doesn't look as planned, the whole thing is a lot of fun. And sometimes real works of art are created. Don't worry, the paint will be gone in no time with a little water and a damp cloth.

      “Freestyle” window picture ;)

      Info: Crafting is not only fun, it also promotes creativity.

      Tip: You can of course also print out the template and colour it in straight away. Perfect for a little Easter gift for Grandma and Grandpa.


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