Love. It makes the world go round... A long time ago, in a land far away called "before the internet" there was a way to tell your friends about something you had bought, used and thought was the bee's knees - it was called "spread the word", and it involved paper and a pen... shocking I know! You would send their names into your favourite Mail Order company, and you and your friend would receive a reward of some kind... a present or a discount... something marvellous! Was it so long ago... or has technology progressed so swiftly? We aren't so sure, but we are sure that our wrinkles and grey hairs appeared after our little ones arrived!So, in order to embrace this fast moving technology, which means we are now an online store, not a "mail order" company, we have buddied up with a company called "referral candy" to help us to reward you for making Ulula available to whoever wants it. It means in effect that every time you tell a friend about Ulula and they shop with us, we will give your friends 15% off all products at Ulula and you get rewarded with 15% off a future order. And this is a discount that you will receive for every new person you introduce to Ulula who loves it as much as you do. Love... it really is all around us x