We received the following lovely email last weekend from a new customer looking for baby porridges and cereals for her young baby boy who has an intolerance to milk protein.
Hello, I would really like to thank you for the fast shipping of my order and for the friendly note from Sabine. My son has got a cows milk protein intolerance and most of the commercial baby cereals contain cows milk. He loves the millet baby porridge and also the Holle Rice porridge. Thanks a lot ! Kim

Organic Baby Porridges - Milk Protein Free Options

The Holle range of organic baby porridges does indeed have a huge number of baby cereals that are suitable for Kim's son and other young babies with an intolerance to milk protein:

Single Grain Baby Porridges

[caption id="attachment_625" align="alignright" width="332" caption="Baby eating Holle organic baby porridge - photo sent in by customer"]Baby eating Holle organic baby porridge - photo sent in by customer[/caption]

Multi-Grain Baby Porridges

Baby Porridges with Milk Protein

Of course, those babies without a milk protein intolerance can enjoy the above baby porridges just as much while also being able to eat the Holle milk cereals:

Holle Baby Porridge - Unlocking the Goodness

Holle prides itself not only on using the purest organic and biodynamic ingredients in its baby porridges but also on the gentle approach the company takes to producing its cereals. The Holle organic baby porridge range is made using the whole grain. Not only is the main body of the grain seed used but the entire kernel including the important outer bran layer. Therefore, the entire natural nutritional contents of the grain such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins are retained. Similarly, the important digestive qualities of the grain are retained because of the high, natural fibre content. Through a unique manufacturing process, involving the carefully controlled application of heat and moisture, Holle is able to unlock the full goodness of the organic and biodynamic grain for your developing baby. This special process produces flakes that are readily soluble. This ensures that your baby can more easily digest and absorb the energy and vitality contained in every one of their organic porridges. Whether your baby has an intolerance to milk protein or not, let us know which is your baby's favourite Holle organic baby porridge.