Sometimes parents tell me that they find it difficult to prepare the Holle organic baby porridges without lumps. I instantly know the problem and a simple piece of advice is all that is needed to quickly and simply prepare baby porridges with a fine, smooth consistency that is perfect for weaning babies.

Baby Porridges Without Lumps

So, how can the baby porridges be prepared in such a way as to completely avoid a lumpy texture? Simply add the liquid to the bowl first and then stir in the powdered baby porridge. I think, as adults, we become so accustomed to mixing liquids into powders that we sometimes find this counter-intuitive and we automatically prepare the baby porridges the same way. But by closely following the instructions on the packaging lumps really should not occur, allowing you to feed your baby the perfect porridge. Just a few other general pointers when feeding your baby with the Holle baby porridge range:
  • Please follow the ingredients measurements on the baby porridge packaging carefully. The correct amount of ingredients will ensure your baby receives the correct nutrients for his or her age and developmental stage.
  • Always prepare baby porridges freshly for each feed. Do not use leftovers.
  • Due to the risk of overheating, please do not heat baby porridges in a microwave.
Do let me know your questions about our organic baby foods and weaning babies - your questions can help others too.