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Amytis Eco Wool & Silk Laundry Liquid

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Amytis concentrated laundry detergent, while suitable for all fabrics, is ideal for wool and silk, helping to restore the elasticity of wool, soften silk and leave other textiles smooth and gentle on the skin, making it perfect for washing baby grows, jumpers and blankets. It gently and naturally cleans the fibres, protects colours and is kind to the skin, making Amytis especially suitable for hand washing. It is pH-neutral, does not dry out the skin and rinses clean without leaving behind any irritating residues.
Amytis eco laundry liquid is made from natural proteins and plant oils. It is phosphate free, does not any contain brighteners, stain removers or added fragrances and is readily biologically degradable according to the modified OECD Screening Test. Amytis is also very economical to use with 500ml sufficient for 30 machine washes.

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Specially formulated for all textiles made from natural protein fibres, such as wool, silk, angora, llama hair, mohair, cashmere, washable down and sports &/ functional textiles.
Suitable for hand and machine washing up to 40 degrees. Approx. 30 machine washes. Dosage for machine wash (all hardness ranges): 15 ml. Dosage for hand wash: 6 ml for 5 l water. Use lukewarm water if possible and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dosage cap content: approx. 40 ml.


15-30% anionic tenside (protein fatty acid condensate), < 0.05 % fragrance (Cymbopogon Winterianus herb oil), phenoxyethanol