Coir Compost Discs - 3 pack

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Each compressed coir compost disc swells when placed in water to produce approximately 1.2 litre of coir compost, which will fill approximately 4 of the coir pots we stock. Coir compost is peat free, so it is better for the environment, plus  it provides optimum drainage, balanced water retention and excellent oxygenation, so it is good for your plants too. Easy to use, place a disc in a container, add warm water and leave it until absorbed and the coir breaks up easily.  You are then ready to fill your trays, pots and containers.

Info & Care

Diameter 10cm. Height approx 8cm. Volume 330ml.
Plant these coir pots directly into the ground and they will breakdown over several weeks, leaving absolutely no waste.


Natural coir compost.