Coir Pots 10cm - 10 pack

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Coir pots are 100% biodegradable, environmentally sustainable and the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic pots. Made from natural coir fibre from coconuts, combined with a natural rubber latex to keep their shape, these coir pots are the ideal single season container to keep your seedlings and plants happy and healthy. Coir fibre absorbs water well to keep plant roots moist, while at the same time, has excellent drainage. It allows roots to penetrate through the pot so they can continue to develop, rather than becoming entangled and pot bound. When the plant is ready to be planted out, simple plant the coir pot into the soil. It will gradually disintegrate enriching the soil. 

Info & Care

Diameter 10cm. Height approx 8cm. Volume 330ml.
Plant these coir pots directly into the ground and they will breakdown over several weeks, leaving absolutely no waste.


Natural coir fibre (coconut husks), natural rubber latex.