Copper Mira Trowel

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  • Enriches the soils with copper trace elements & thereby provide plants with essential nutrients
  • Light & effortless to use
  • Slices into the soil & comes out clean
  • Rustproof
  • Minute amounts of copper create the conditions for beneficial micro-organisms
  • Bronze is known to deter slugs and snails
  • Can be resharpened
  • Hardwearing & will last for years

Its small size means the Mira Copper Trowel is handy for container gardening and bulb planting, and any weeding or planting in the flower border or veg bed. It is also good for extracting deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions, as the long narrow blade cuts deeply into the soil without disturbing the surrounding plants. Its unique bronze head, which will develop a beautiful bronze patina overtime, makes the tool hard wearing than stainless steel alternatives, and the sharp edges ensure a smoother, cleaner slice through stubborn garden soil. The wooden handle balances the tool, keeping it perfectly weighted, making it a joy to use.

Info & Care

Length: 30.5cm including handle; Blade: 16.5cm long; Width: 5.5cm; Weight: 180g.
Although they may look like works of art, these are hardworking tools, designed for strength not looks. There may be marks on the blade which will not detract from the working of the tool.


Hand crafted by Austrian coppersmiths, the tool heads are made of solid bronze (copper with a little bit of tin to add hardness, strength and sharpness) and the handles turned from responsibly sourced European hardwood beech.