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Demeter Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy

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A classic, super-reliable beetroot which can be sown early in the year right through to mid summer for successional crops and finish harvesting later. Slow to run to seed, it produces delicious deep purple, spherical roots which are at their tenderest harvested just larger than a golf ball, but will still be delicious if left to grow larger. The leaves can also be picked sparingly and enjoyed as a tasty leaf similar to spinach.

Info & Care

200 seeds

Sowing outdoors: Direct sow April - July. Make a shallow row about 1 - 2cm deep, and sow the seeds thinly, about 2cm apart. Cover with a little soil and water in. Leave about 30cm between rows. Sow a half-row of seeds every three weeks for a regular supply of beetroots from early summer well into autumn.
Beetroot can also be grown in containers: sow direct into the compost allowing about five seeds to a 45cm pot. 
Growing instructions: As the seedlings develop, thin them to about 10cm apart. Keep the soil moist to prevent them becoming woody. Beetroot can be harvested and stored over the autumn and winter by harvesting in autumn before the frosts start. Twist off the leaves and store in a frost-free place (completely covered) in sand.