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Demeter Broccoli Seeds - Green Calabrese

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Calabrese plants produce a large central green head of tightly packed buds, ready to harvest from mid-summer to mid-autumn. Harvesting green calabresei is easy - pick the blue green head first, before the mass of flowers open. Once the main head is removed this variety will produce offshoots which can be harvested over the next month or, making sure they are harvested before the flowers open. Although the heads are typically the only thing utilized, the stalks, buds and leaves are also edible.

Info & Care

100 seeds

Sowing outdoors: Sow in March - April in a seedbed. Plant out 6 weeks later.
Growing instructions: Planting distance approximately 50 x 50 cm. Plant firmly and water well. Harvest from late summer to early autumn when the central head is well formed, tight and green. Side shoots can be harvested when ready.