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Demeter Carrot Seeds - Autumn King

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Delicious raw or cooked and packed with vitamins, carrots are quick and easy to grow both in the ground and in containers. Sow small batches regularly for cropping through the summer.  Autumn King produces lovely long, conical roots up to 30cm long and grow best in a sunny, open site. Carrots are ready about 12–16 weeks after sowing. Harvest as soon as they’re large enough to use for the sweetest flavour. Autumn King is a great carrot for storage. 

Packed: 05/01/2021 - Possible reduction in germination success due to age of seeds

Info & Care

800 seeds

Sowing outdoors: Sow seeds from April until middle of June in rows 20-25 cm apart, 6-13 mm deep. Try to space the seeds 1 cm apart.
Growing instructions: Keep well weeded and avoid thinning late as this encourages carrot root fly attack. You may want to cover crops with fleece tunnels or put up barriers around them to prevent carrot flies. Autumn King carrots store well. Harvest carefully, taking care to avoid skin damage. Remove excess soil, but do not wash or scrub as this may damage the skin. Remove leaves by twisting off close to the crown. Place in shallow crates/boxes in single layers with a slightly damp packing material such as leaf mould, sand, sieved soil or sawdust (from untreated wood only) making sure they do not touch each other. Keep them in a cool (0 - 4C) but frost free dark place and check periodically for mould or rotting.