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Demeter Kale Seeds - Nero di Toscana

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A wonderful crop for the winter vegetable garden, this large, strong plant produces long, thin, dark crinkled leaves. Seeds sown in late spring will be ready for harvesting from October, right through the winter. The flavour and texture of Kale improves once the frosts have started, as cool temperatures cause the carbohydrates in the leaves to turn to sugar. A good cut and come again crop, cut the leaves (rather than breaking them off) when they are young and tender, about 10cm long. Kale is delicious sauted gently with olive oil, garlic and chilli or steamed or added to soups/stews.

Info & Care

Sowing indoors: Sow early in spring for a summer crop or in late spring for a winter crop. Seeds sown in seed trays or modular trays indoors will germinate quicker and produce healthy seedlings. With modular trays you can sow one or two seeds per module, keeping only the healthiest of seedlings. Keep well-watered. Gradually accustom young plants to outside conditions before planting out. 
Sowing outdoors: Sow early in spring for a summer crop or in late spring for a winter crop. Seeds can be sown from March to June outdoors directly into a well prepared seed bed. 
Growing instructions: Plant out at a distance of 60x40cm. Protect against cabbage white butterflies. May also be grown in large containers.