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Demeter Runner Bean Seeds - Scarlet Emperor

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A red flowering variety, the beans grow up to 30cm long and have an excellent flavour. The plants grow up to 3m tall, producing masses of long green pods. Pick the beans when they are young and tender to encourage the plant to remain productive for longer. Runner beans freeze well. Simply slice and blanch in boiling water for up to two minutes, then drain and cool before bagging them up for freezing. When left to mature the beans form seeds of a purple and black dapple colour which make a delicious drying bean. Beans are a great starter vegetable for children - the seeds are large, tactile and easy to plant and once the beans have grown they can be easily picked off the plant and eaten there and then! 

Info & Care

40 seeds

Sowing indoors: Sow seeds individually in small pots or seed trainers filled with compost and keep pots in a frost-free greenhouse, propagator or on a warm, sunny windowsill while frosts are likely. Keep compost moist but not saturated. Accustom the young plants to outside conditions by day for 2-3 weeks before transplanting them outdoors.
Sowing outdoors: Direct sow when the risk of frost has past, around mid-May. Plant to a depth of 5cm. Allow 60cm between rows and 20cm between plants. Ensure poles or cane supports are provided before planting. 
Growing instructions: Grow runner beans in a fertile soil and apply compost. Loosely tie the shoots to the cane as they grow. Water at the base of the plants generously from seedling stage. Water both mornings and evenings in particularly dry spells.