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Demeter Scabiosa Atropurpurea Seeds

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Sweet Scabious is an easy to grow and very pretty 'cottage garden' annual with delightful pin-cushion flower heads which are perfect for cutting. The nectar-rich flowers are very attractive to pollinators and bees and the seeds are good for birds. One of the longest flowering annuals, it grows to about 90cm high and comes in an attractive mix of colours - from purple and pink to white. For cutting the flower heads should be half open and show good colour.

Packed: 241/10/2020 - Possible reduction in germination success due to age of seeds

Info & Care

50 seeds

Indoor sowing: Sow March-April 3mm deep in trays filled with good, moist compost. Keeping the tray watered, place in a warm, semi-shaded spot and keep temperatures around 20°C until they have germinated, which takes around 7 days. When large enough to handle, pot on into small 8cm pots and grow on at cooler temperatures. Gradually harden off before planting outside with 25cm spacing.
Outdoor sowing: Sow direct end April-May to flower July-September or August-September for early flowering the following year.
Growing instructions: Pick or deadhead regularly to extent the flowering season.