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Demeter Spinach Seeds - Butterflay

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Butterflay spinach is a vigorous, quick growing early spinach with melt-in-your-mouth leaves which are full of rich flavour at any stage from baby leaf to large, full-size dark-green leaves. All spinach grows best in cool temperatures and Butterflay will easily survive during the autumn and winter (some protection may be necessary). Enjoy raw or steamed. The stalks are edible too!

Info & Care

800 seeds

Growing instructions: Sow the large, corky seeds March-April for summer harvesting and early autumn for autumn/winter harvesting, direct where they are to grow in shallow drills. Thin seedlings gradually until plants are 20cm apart (the thinnings can be eaten as baby salad leaves). Alternatively, sow one or two seeds at 20cm intervals and pinch out unwanted seedlings, allowing the strongest to grow on. Keep plants well-watered during hot, dry weather. Late sowings may need protection from October onwards. Keep netted against pigeons while young. Pick as a cut-and-come-again crop, taking outside leaves but leaving the crown intact, and plants will continue producing new leaves over a very long period.