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Demeter Sweet Pea Seeds - Colour mix

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Perfect for picking, fragrant sweet peas are easy to grow in pots or in the ground, training them up a frame for a beautiful display. Train over a wigwam of bamboo canes in a sunny spot near a seating area, window, doorway or path so you can take full advantage of their wonderfully powerful scent. Or pick some for the vase – even a small amount can fill a room with their delicious fragrance.

Info & Care

40 seeds

Indoor sowing: Sow in pots from January-March. Sweet peas send out a single root, and the longer it can run before it hits the bottom of the pot, the happier the plant. You can place one seed inside a loo roll tube filled with compost and plant out the whole thing in spring – the cardboard will rot away. Alternatively, sow 3 seeds in an 8cm pot, 10mm deep in moist well-drained compost and sit the pot in a tray of water. Don't water again until the seeds germinate. Place in a cool place 10-15C (50-60F), such as a cool windowsill, front porch, sheltered balcony or a cold frame with good light. As soon as the first shoots break through, move the plants outside; this will stop them getting leggy and encourage side shoots. Pinch out the growing tips of plants when plants have 4 pairs of leaves for bushier growth. Plant out about 20cm apart from March onwards after hardening off. Protect from slugs. Alternatively you can sow September-October for earlier flowering the following year.
Outdoor sowing: For spring sowing, sow 2cm deep outdoors from March-May and 10cm apart. Water daily until seedlings emerge. 
Growing instructions: Support young plants with canes, netting or trellis to about 180cm (6ft). Pick the blooms regularly to ensure a continuous supply.  It is important to remove the faded flowers before they set seed, so picking them to fill a vase inside will only encourage more to form. May - August (winter-sown) or June - September (spring-sown), or 12-14 weeks from spring-sowing of seed.  Tie the stem into your framework on a regular basis. Sweet peas are well suited to growing in pots with a suitable support or climbing frame. They will flower May - August (winter-sown) or June - September (spring-sown), or 12-14 weeks from spring-sowing of seed.