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Demeter Sweetcorn Seeds - Damaun (SH2 Early)

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A real late summer, home-grown treat, the sweet yellow cobs of this sweetcorn have an especially flavoursome taste with a considerable amount of sweetness that will have your mouth watering. When ripe, the kernels are sweet and juicy, and are best cooked simply, with a little butter. Like peas, the natural sugars in the kernels turn to starch quite quickly, which makes the kernels tougher and less sweet, so they are best eaten as fresh as possible. Pull back and remove the outer leaves and strip off any silky threads still clinging to the cob. Rinse if necessary. Boil the cobs for 3-6 minutes or longer depending on the size of the cob (don’t use any salt as it will toughen them up). Absolutely delicious served with just a blob of butter.

Info & Care

40 seeds

Sow indoors: Sow late April to May in single pots or modules under cover. Sow seeds 15mm deep. Grow on seedlings until the last threat of frost has passed before hardening off and planting out.
Sow outdoors: From the middle of May when the soil temperature is above 12 ºC, you can sow direct. Sow 1-2 seeds in each position 5cm deep and remove the weaker seedling if both germinate. Sweetcorn are wind-pollinated so to help pollination and cob formation, plant in blocks not rows, 45cm apart in each direction. 
Growing instructions: Sweetcorn prefers a sunny, sheltered position and grow best with well-drained soil. Keep well-watered during hot, dry spells. Ready to harvest 14-16 weeks from sowing. Cobs are ready when the tassels have turned brown. To pick, twist the cobs from the stem. You can also check for ripeness by squeezing a kernel between your fingers, the liquid inside should be creamy rather than watery.