Five Bees Yard 20 Minute Candles | Relaxation Candles | Daily Meditations

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Soothe your mind and body with Five Bees Yard's 20 Minute Candles. Made from 100% pure, raw beeswax, each hand-dipped candle burns for approximately 20 minutes, making it the perfect companion for your daily meditation, yoga session, or reading time. These non-dripping candles are carefully crafted from beeswax sourced from their own apiaries, using beeswax from cappings (lighter colour) or bees brood box (darker colour). Dripless and smokeless, the candles release a lovely honey aroma and emit a bright, white light when lit helping you experience ultimate relaxation. Available in a set of 20 candles.

Info & Care

Each candle approx 6cm (h) x 0.6cm (w at the bottom).
Burn time for each candle approx 20 minutes.


Raw beeswax, unbleached cotton wick.