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Green Frog Botanic Natural Disinfectant

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Green Frog Botanic's new dual-purpose disinfectant is perfect for your hands as well as for use on any surfaces your hands may touch and is an ideal size to carry out and about!  Containing only natural and non toxic ingredients, its key ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid, a WHO recognized disinfectant which kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses.  

Certified Organic and Vegan, it contains no alcohol and is pH neutral so it's kind to skin and it and can be used safely in the home and on your hands. 

Certified by the European Chemical Agency.

Info & Care

Simply spray directly onto the hard surface to be disinfected, leave for 60 seconds and wipe of with clean damp cloth.
Spray onto dry hands, then rub on all areas of the skin. Pay special attention to the finger tips and thumbs. Keep your hands moist during this exposure time of 20 seconds.
Keep out of sunlight (protect from light) and store in a cool place. Also keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, rise with water.


Hypochlorous acid*, sodium chloride*, water - organic
The key ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid, a WHO recognized disinfectant. Used for its effective wound treatment properties, this disinfectant does not dry out the skin as it contains no alcohol. It is also not fire hazardous, resulting in safer, less time consuming handling.
This amazing disinfectant has only one ingredient - Seawater. This is then put through a unique electrical patented cathode anode system, to produce a ph neutral Anolyte. Containing Hypochlorous acid, it forms the key ingredient in Out & About Disinfectant.
Used for its effective wound treatment properties, it doesn't dry out or irritate your skin (unlike alcohol based sanitiser) and can be used to disinfect and sterilize object such as counters, tools and door handles. Out & About Disinfectant is also biodegradable, so does not damage the environment or aquatic life.