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Hevea Soothing Gift Set - Sandy Nude

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The Kawan Soothing Gift Set consists of an Hevea Kawan teether toy and a natural rubber ring. Teething comes with sore, itchy gums. Your baby needs healthy, and fun teething toys to get them through this phase. The Kawan Soothing set features highly hygienic teething toys suitable for boys and girls. They are made with 100% natural rubber and painted with bright and interesting plant-based pigments which facilitate the development of your child's vision. With textured surfaces for soothing itching gums, they are easy to handle even by the smallest hands and the one-piece design helps to prevent the build up of mould and bacteria.

Info & Care

It is not recommended to freeze or cool down the teether, as it can damage the baby’s gums.

The Kawan teether and teething ring can be cleaned in warm water and mild soap can be used if needed. Do NOT boil it. The teether should be kept in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight or contact with a source of direct heat in order to last longer. Due to the natural colours, they might fade over time. If over time there are splits or changes in the teether, it should be discarded.


100% natural latex rubber, natural plant pigments.