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Organic Broad Bean Seeds - Aquadulce

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Long podded with tasty white broad beans that are early to mature, Aquadulce is recommended for autumn and winter sowings, for the earliest crops the following spring. It can also be sown in early spring for a summer crop. Semi-compact and hardy it produces prolific numbers of long pods filled with tender beans, which should be picked when young for the best flavour. Very good for freezing.  

Info & Care

40 seeds

Sowing: Sow October-November or February-March. Plant the seeds or plants 5cm deep in rows 60cm apart with 20cm between the plants.
 Water regularly. If growing over winter, cover plants with a cloche during the very worst weather to prevent damage. Protect plants from slugs during early stages of growth. Support loosely with canes and string once they reach 15cm tall and pinch out the tops to prevent blackfly. Broad beans 'fix' nitrogen from the air, so cut spent plants off at ground level and leave roots to rot back into the ground to release nitrogen for next year's crops.