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Organic Courgette Seeds - Gold Rush

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Strong growing, non-trailing plants with delicious, long bright yellow fruits with a fine texture. Easy to harvest and best when picked small.

Packed: 18/01/2021 - Possible reduction in germination success due to age of seeds

Info & Care

10 seeds

Sowing: Sow from April indoors at min. 20ºc. Sow the seeds in seed trays and transfer the seedlings into pots or sow directly into pots.
Growing instructions: Courgettes grow best in a warm sunny place. They can grow outside or in a cold-frame. Harden the plants off slowly and plant outside after the last frost. One plant per m². Courgettes will benefit from the addition of some well rotted manure prior to planting. Regular watering with a weekly tomato based feed will encourage more fruits. Harvest when the fruits are about 15cm in length - they can be left to grow bigger but for the best flavour do not allow them to grow into marrows.