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Organic Leek Seeds - Blue Green Winter-Avano

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These leeks, for autumn and winter harvest, produce long shafts and erect dark green foliage. Hardy enough to stand heavy frosts, they can be left in the ground until you're ready to harvest. Ideal for soups and stews, they make an excellent replacement for onions. 


Info & Care

200 seeds

Sowing: Sow seeds indoors from February - April, one seed per module and outdoors May - June, 6mm deep in rows 40cm apart. Later thin to 15cm between the plants.
Growing instructions: Leeks grow best in a deep fertile soil. Plant the pencil thick plants out in June when they are 20cm tall, with 15cm between each plant and 40cm between each row. For the longest white stems, dib a hole for each plant 15cm deep and drop the seedling in before filling the hole with water (no soil - this will wash down into the hole itself). To make the white shanks as long as possible, heap soil up around the stems of the plants as they grow.