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Organic Red Basil Seeds

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Just as aromatic and flavoursome, this variety of Basil has beautiful dark, red coloured leaves. A tender plant, it is suitable for greenhouse cultivation or a bright windowsill. Add the leaves to your dish at the last moment to retain their best flavour.

Info & Care

250 seeds

Indoor Sowing: Sow end March - June. Sow seeds in a seed tray and cover seeds with 3-5mm moist compost and keep on a warm, sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse. Transfer seedlings into small pots. Protect from slugs and cold and keep well-watered.
Growing instructions: Grow the plants on in a warm place and plant outside only from June or plant in a greenhouse at a spacing of 25cm. Pick plants over regularly and remove any developing flowerheads immediately to prevent bolting (running to seed) and to encourage lots of fresh young leaves. By cutting off the top of the main shoot, the plant will produce side shoots for a later harvest.