Pura Silicone Sports STRAW Top - Rose

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Pura Silicone Sports Straw Top is a free-flowing two-piece straw with a flip lid to eliminate spills and keep the tip clean. This all-round top works equally well for 2 year olds, older kids, teenagers and adults; in fact anyone seeking a 100% plastic-free, free flowing, leak-proof top for their stainless bottle. Convert your standard or insulated Pura Kiki bottle into the perfect bottle for school age kids! Crafted entirely from medical grade silicone Pura's Big Mouth® Sport Straw may very well be the only 100% plastic-free straw top on the market (except Pura's valved sippy toddler straw). Includes Pura measuring tape allowing you to cut your straw to fit ANY Pura bottle.

Info & Care

Pura Silicone Sport Top is not designed for hot liquids. BPA-free & EA-free - will not leach toxins like plastic straws or lids. Contains a removable silicone straw that extends into the bottle.
Pura bottles are the only 100% plastic-free bottle on the market and the only NonToxic Certified bottles on the planet.
Baby Grows...Bottle Evolves™: For baby, for toddler, for kids, for snacks and water, for sports.


100% medical grade silicone.