WUKA First Period Pack

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WUKA  First Period Pack starter kit was created so that your daughter has a stress free start to their period. WUKA believe that periods should hold no teen or tweens back from achieving great things in life. It's should be celebrated with pride. The First Period Pack has everything your teen/tweens needs to start their period with confidence.

What's inside?

  • WUKA Basics™️ Hipster - Medium flow Period Pants
  • An amazing book about growing to love your body and embracing changes. A Girls Guide to Growing Up Great- By Sophie Elkan.
  • A hand made washbag all the way from Nepal to carry spare pants when at school or travelling anywhere else. (colour may vary)

WUKA underwear will give your daughter confidence in lessons or sports and will guarantee your daughter:

  •     No stress
  •     No leaks
  •     No odour

These award-winning period pants have an absorbent layer that can hold up to 3 tampons worth of flow. Tweens size period pants are similar to UK adult sizes. 


Info & Care

Holds at least 15ml of period flow / 2-3 tampons worth.
For best results, rinse your WUKAs after use and then machine wash with a dark-coloured load at 40° without fabric conditioner. Be sure to line dry your WUKAs, as tumble drying can affect absorbance.
WUKA period pants tend to last about 2 years, depending on the length of your cycle and the love they're given!


BCI certified cotton.
BCI stands for Better Cotton Initiative, which promote better standards in cotton farming and practices across 21 countries. It certifies that our cotton is better for the farmers, better for the environment, and better for the sector's future.